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Anna's favorite music page

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I will be trying very hard to upload the music right to this sight, but the files are pretty big so it might be impossible. Please click on the pictures to go to the web site of these wonderful musicians.

Click on his Picture for his website

YummieYannie !!
What can I say about this man.. Only WOW..
My sister Joan and I have this major crush on him.
 She has a dog that has hair like Yannies, she will run her
fingers through the Bandits fur, coo and call it Yannie hair..
LOL.. Next time his in Wisconsin we are getting front row seats !!

Josh Groban

I remember the first time I heard this young man sing. I stayed at my cousin Rita's house one night, I came in the door. She tells me Anna I have something for you to listen too. She put on his CD and the first sound that came out of his mouth was amazing. My heart and mind felt so at peace.
It is so very hard to believe, one so young with so much talent to share with the people of the world.
Please click his picture and enjoy his wonderful voice.

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