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Anna's Page
Mimmo From Sicily and Max Toscany, Italy
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I met Mimmo on the messenger February 9, 2001.
   We call it! 
            "ThatSnowy Day In February"
For almost 9 months he and I talked on the Messenger every single day. He was beginning to teach me his Italian language, and I was helping him with my english language. I will have to say that it was very difficult for me not knowing any kind of language but English !
Sometimes it was very difficult for the both of us to understand and we would have to use the language translator Bable Fish.
But Novermeber of 2001 he decided to move from Rome to Sicily.
Our time together was not so much any more but we were still able to email and he sent me so many of his romatic poetry and pictures of his home land. 
He knew my most favorite flower is the Rose so every time I got an e-mail from him along with a beautiful Poem came a Picture of a Rose. 
He is still married to the mother of his children, but is living with and in love with another women!
He went away June 11th of 2003 and I sure do miss him.
I did recieve a few e-mails telling me that his computer has big problems, I hope soon he will have it fix and we can resume the special relationship we have had in the past.
I will post many of his poetries and hope that all of you that read them will see the special man that he is. 
Just click on his picture to take you to the Romantic side of the Italian People.

Massi is the young man in front

This is Massi as I call him, he is from Toscany, Italy. He is a very sweet young man that I met on yahoo also. We have been talking for a very long time. Always a gentleman. He has sent me wonderful pictures of his home land and I would love it if you would go to the Romantic places room and enjoy his pictures.
 I feel that every thing of Italy is Romantic. So many wonderful things to read and see about that historical land.
 Some day I will go and see for myself. It is a dream I hope that will come true.


This is Max and one of his co-workers on
the first day of spring 2004.
He has been sending me wonderful pictures in e-mail sharing
his life with me.  
He knows that I would love to see the Sea someday and has found a way to help me enjoy till I can.
Thank you Max You are a wonderful person!

Max from the Sea

Click on Max's picture for more of his
wonderful pictures he sends me

I will be changing pictures
as I receive them!