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Welcome To My Web Site
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My name is Anna,
I was 48 this February 2004.
I never did win the lottery 
so here I am still working for a living and that holy dollar! 
               I live in the North Woods of Wisconsin. I do love it here,
but there are times it is way to quiet !              

I was born in the southern part of Wisconsin, but moved to the Fox Valley when I was in the second grade with my parents and 5 siblings, two sisters, and 3 brothers,
I am the lucky 4th of all of us.
 You know how there has to be that dis-functional black sheep-ed child in the family ?
One of us had to do it so I took on the challenge and I have  very good success story's to prove my dedication to being my parents nightmare.  
Mostly self inflicted things I did, but there were times I am surprised I was not killed from stupidity and ignorance. 
Oh but what the hell.. it was fun and we all survived. 
 Chalk it up to learning experiences and while  my only son grew up he had one hell of a hard time getting things past me, cause I knew most if not all the signs.


As you go through all of the rooms to my web site, there will be music for you to enjoy along with wonderful pictures to look at.
This will change from time to time as I add and delete pictures, music and information.
One of the biggest things I like to do is to meet people on the net so that I can see and hear how other people live in other countries.
I have so many wonderful friends from all over the world and I will try and put all of your pictures in the Friends Room.
I have some MPEG's to put in and I will glad annouce that I have finally figured out how to put them in here.
Please check them out, see and listen to the  wonderful sounds of the lakes here in the north woods
From the Morning Loon's
To the night Whippoorwills and Ducks!


Here are some of my most favorite places to visit on the net!

Come and watch New York all night long!


There are a few  "passing the time away" things besides being a mom, wife, house keeper, dog lover, laundry maid, cook, excellent  friend, hard worker in and out of the job place, thinker, stinker, some times over stressed crazy women.
I love to take pictures of the sunsets and rises, but mostly sunsets. I find them more peaceful.
 I would like to share them with you.


Moody Lake 2002, Early Spring time !


Bass Lake, June 18,2003


Bass Lake

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As the seasons change.

Happy Sunny Day ?
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Is there a Bad Storm Coming
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Come, Watch People
From all over the World !




So much for stopping by and checking out my site. I hope you have enjoyed and or benefited from some of the information I wanted to share.
Make sure you go into each and every room. I am sure there is something for everyone!
When you are finished looking at all my rooms please sign my Guest Book and let me know what you all think.